Bath Salt Rejuvenation with Wheat Germ

Warm salt bath allows you to increase the rejuvenating effect of wheat germ oil at the expense of deeper penetration of medicinal substances in opening up and peeled salt pores of the skin

800 gr
100% natural
Made in Russia

14" Silky Straight 100% Human Hair Clip On In Extensions 8 Piece Set Color 10 Medium Golden Brown

Hair Extensions
100% Human Hair Clip In Extensions,
14" Length, Full Set (8 Pieces),
Silky Straight ,

Clip in takes just a few minutes, Fast and quick way to get longer, fuller hair for any occasion, or everyday use. You can hardly feel the clips once they are in, they are comfortable, and will stay in place until you are ready to take them out.

This set is all you will need for most to gain longer, fuller hair.
100% Human Hair, that can be straightened, Colored, or Curled along with your hair.
This item includes the following eight pieces with clips attached:

2 Pieces 8" wide
2 Pieces 6" wide
4 Pieces 2" wide

100% human silky hair unlike the synthetic hair products and low quality hair, we only use natural, which prevents tangling and ensures a longer life, continuous shine and glamorous silky texture for your hair extensions.

The exceptional quality of our hair provides extraordinary strength and comfort, while making your extensions look and feel as if it was your own hair.

Inserting Clip on Extensions

STEP 1 Separate hair at the crown and hold with a clip or rubberband.

STEP 2 Flex the clip to the open position and place at the point where the hair is separated. Use the grooves of the clip to secure to your natural hair, and flex the clip to the closed position.

100% Human Hair Clip In Extensions
14" Silky Straight
Ready To Wear, Clips in a few minutes
For any Occasion or Everyday Use